Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This is Poins, a fairly new department store with apartments on top. Located just across Carrefour in Lebak Bulus street of south Jakarta. It has Giant supermarket, which is Carrefour's competitor. It's fun to watch them display banners and balloons to offer special prices or products. As if their having constant battles everyday!
Jakarta banyak gedungnya yah,,,,...
the cabs grab my attention. very striking blue, havent seen cabs from jakarta before. Checked out the carrefour too. There are 2 big stores in Singapore. Very popular there.
I like the colors of these buildings, the reds, yellows and blues. The line of blue taxis is great!
Now there's an idea I might consider! Living on top of a department store...or better yet a MALL! Could be very dangerous to my bank account tho....better stick to my little townhouse! LOL! Love the colors Santy! And OH, I just can't imagine the sreets of Jakarta EMPTY! Boggles the mind! (=
anang: iya nih, kebanyakan gedung dan kekurangan taman!

kaa: those are blue bird taxis, the most reliable cabs in Jakarta if I may say so.

marie: yes, I didn't expect it to come out as colorful. I kinda like it too :)

ame: when was your last visit to Jakarta? On your next visit, be sure to stop by Taman Anggrek Mall, because it is a building with apartments on top of a mall :)
I, too, like all the colors. The yellow is vivid and the blue is true-blue. Nice shot!
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