Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No Littering Please!

Tanty from Stavanger Daily Photo hasn't been back home to Jakarta for quite some time. She saw my yesterday's post and hoped that Jakarta is now clean all over. Well, I must admit that it's not as clean in some areas. It's still quite a struggle to educate environment awareness to the local people's minds. As you can see in the picture, there are many plastics, papers and other garbage thrown out to that empty land. I pass this street everyday on my way home and the condition is pretty much the same day in day out. Some people grumbled about how ignorant the government is that they didn't fix this. But I believe that being clean and care for the environment need to come from every individuals. And I mean every individuals including those riding fancy BMWs! Because I still find some of them opening their car windows and throwing cigarette buts, plastics, etc on the streets. (for you BMW riders, please don't get upset. I'm not generalizing. I know there are also many wealthy environmentally aware citizens in Jakarta.) As for me, I confess that I never join the monthly cleaning in my neighborhood, but at least I never litter :)
Santy, thanks for the nice welcome. I look forward to seeing your future posts. Have a good day.
It is much better to not litter to begin with than pick it up later. By the way, I drive a BMW!
What a great shame we all have to live in other peoples mess. melbourne is actually quite clean, but there are still some that are simply lazy.
photonomad: you're welcome, randy!

denton: oh, thanks for pointing that out and make me feel bad! hehe...I know you're not one of them, Denton!!

john: yep, simply lazy is the core problem.
Everything has its bad side
Hi Santy! Yeah it's really hard to educate people most of the times. And wow Denton you drive a BMW!

Sorry to be musing about that one but BMW is very expensive here in Asia that only "rich" people get a chance to drive them ;)
Hey Santy! Wow completely different with yesterday's post! I really hate those litterbugs! What are they thinking when they do that?!
Hi Santy, it's pretty the same here, some people are so careless.
When I go for a walk in the surrounding woods where the nature should be unspoiled and see plastic bottles, bags etc. than that makes me so angry.
Seattle as a city is very environmentally aware. Of course, the huge fines that are imposed on anyone caught littering might have something to do with that...
We have a nice program here in many places where a not-for-profit (I think its only not-for-profit) club or organization can volunteer to clean the roadsides of about a 2 mile area. In return, the State or county (not sure who actually runs the program) makes an official road sign saying how this group has agreed to do this. The government gets off cheap, and organizations get some recognition
We have volunteer groups here that periodically clean the beaches. We have so many public trash cans, I don't understand why people don't use them!
It has to start with the parents and the grandparents. We just got back from a camping trip. Before we left the site, I had my 7 year old and 2 year old grandkids out helping me make sure the site was better than we found it. A little bit at a time.
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