Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mahakam Street

This is Mahakam street in south Jakarta. Many cars here park for different reasons. On the left side, there's a drug store, money changer, dry cleaner, Grand Mahakam hotel. On the right side you'll find various restaurants, music store and a couple of banks. Quite a busy street.
Jakarta bersih sekarang ya San. Mudah2an di tempat2 lain juga bersih seperti ini :)
Hi Santy! Is that a Toyota Innova car? And I see lots of toyota cars in that photo. What happened to the Proton cars of Malaysia? Are they still popular there?
and will be awesome at night.
specially saturday night...

hihihi... :D
nice street though, even with the fully concrete road and modern buildings there's still lovely greens.

have a nice week!
It's nice to have trees along the busy street. The roads are quite wide unlike ours.
tanty: see my next post!

anne: yes, Toyota is very popular here. never heard of the Protons nowadays though.

didats: yes, you're right!

midnitebara & jazzy: ah, yes the greens. can't live without them, eh!
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