Friday, August 18, 2006

Fun Celebrating

These kids had a great time celebrating the Independence Day. Yes, they're the new generation. Will they bring a nice cool breeze to this country in the future? I really hope so. I enjoyed standing there and watched them play. In the midst of their laughter, I day dreamed of having all the money and power in the world to provide them the best (and free) education. A few seconds later, the hot sun hit my eyes and I'm back to reality :)
Oh they look like they are having such fun!

I hope your dreams come true some day soon.
Amen for that!
Ah how fantastic! I love this!
Yeah...we can only hope the youth of today is well enough and noble enough to take on the challenge of changing the future...I hope they do :)
Wonderful photo! Made me smile after a long hard day :)
Great spirit in this shot Santy, well done.
Hey Santy, I enjoy this photo, really great capture and it brings me right there and then
Wonderful sense of movement!
The joy on the children's faces is wonderful! Great capture!
Merdeka, euy!!!
Great photo, and you hit the nail on the head: education, education, education.
Cool photo. The kids look so happy, very nice atmosphere. Love it.
They're adorable, aren't they?
thanks for your comments, guys :)
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