Friday, August 04, 2006

Farewell My Friend...

I dedicated this post to my late friend Leon Yamin, who died yesterday due to his severe illness. He and his girlfriend Dilla was planning to get married soon. I've been friends with Leon since Middle School. The news was devastating. He was a good man... may he rest in peace.
sincere condolences on the loss of your friend, from my little spot on the other side of the globe. loss is a universal experience. i hope that healing will come well to you and those who are grieving.
Dear Santy, it just feels so unfair when somebody that young dies.

You must be very sad because of this loss. There is not much to say, all I can do is sending you good vibes from Paris.
someone so young to die - I wish you and his family and gf, and friends all my condolences - very tragic and sad to see any life lost due to illness or other tragedies
Yes, way too young. Heartfelt sympathy to Dilla and to you.
feel so sorry for your loss
I cannot imagine what its like to loose a lifelong friend like that. You and his family, and his girlfriend will be in my thoughts.
I'm so sorry for your huge loss. I'll be sending healing thoughts your way...
I am so very sorry for your loss.
Seems you are having a very hard time lately.
Hope life turns the other way for you very soon.
Thoughts from Sydney to you and your friends, santy
oh my!! i just heard about this. ini leon yang di 82 juga kan san? dia sakit apa ya? may he rest in peace.
I'm sorry for your loss!
sLesTa: iya, dulu di 82 juga. sakit maag akut. jadi kabarnya udah sampe di elo juga ya?

To all: Thanks so much for all your thoughts. He was a very dear friend. I still can't believe he's gone.
Dear Santy,
This is a lovely tribute. I'm so sorry you've lost such a longtime friend, and send you sincere wishes of peace and loving memories as you grieve his loss. It is so sad,
I am really sorry for your loss. In the photo he does look like a "good guy" as we say in the US.

kim: it is very sad...

suburban don: he was and still is in our hearts.
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