Monday, August 07, 2006


This graffiti is shown under one of the bridges downtown. You can see the word Jakarta starts with a letter D there. Jakarta was spelled Djakarta until around 1972, when the government established Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan (EYD), which modified spellings of Indonesian language. Before EYD: c was written tj, j was written dj, u was written oe, y was written j. Now, that doesn't mean this graffiti was drawn in the 70s. People still write Djakarta occasionally just for the fun of it, or perhaps to reminisce the old days.
Very cool. Thanks for that info.
Or an old guy with spray paint?
is because they wanted to close off the Dutch influences in the language?
this is so UN-Indonesian, great capture
Very tjool.
Funny graffiti!

I couldn't cope if they changed things in our language. I can barely grasp it the way it is!
Impressive graffiti, the artist has some talent!
Excellent - definite harking back to the days of big hair and flares.
interesting historical linguistics - love that afro haha
How did you took this photo? On car ?
Hi Santy. Yeah that guy's oversized hair and glasses give this photo a very 70's feel. Nice one!
That (EYD) makes sense. In school I learned to spell it Djakarta. When I saw Jakarta I thought something was wrong...

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