Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another Public Transport

Here's another of our public transportation. We call it Kancil. You won't find many of these around Jakarta as they are fairly new. I myself haven't tried it.
it looks like it has a really good fuel economy! Looks kewt
hah?? what is this?? isn't there enough cars and public transport already? is this the new bajaj?
that looks like a BIG toy car!
Here are similar cars called TICO, these cars are small but no so safe.

Greetings from Per├║.

Nice your self portrait.

Cute Santy!

Looks like a big half-orange-half-apple! ;-)

Let us know if you try it!
That's an odd looking thing. Looks like the rear bumper was added as an afterthought!
Oh, we have a car here called Kancil too!

Here and tell me what you think
What a fun little car - I bet it's great on gas!

j: haven't been back here for awhile, eh? it's created to be more convenient than bajaj.

edwin: ok, ok...yours is more fancier! :)
Hahahhaha..!! its been two years...
I cant wait to go back.
Looks like a macro on a toy. Where the child's hand ?

It makes me think of MCC Smart cars that were first sold in Europe. Try if you have never heard about it.
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