Friday, July 21, 2006

Tukang Koran

On my way home I saw this guy selling newspapers on the street (we call them Tukang Koran). Not that many people opened their windows to buy newspapers from him. We've been seeing people like him all our lives here in Jakarta that we somehow tend to ignore them. As soon as the light turned green, I drove away thinking that I should've bought a newspaper. My dad's illness (including the huge hospital bill!) has made me feel like the most unfortunate person on the face of the earth, but this sight tells me otherwise. Please excuse the dashboard's shadow there, because I took the shot from inside my car.
I Like this shot..
please don't feel so down. look on the bright side, you took this shot when the car was stationary. I would've been clicking AND driving! That just isn't good. ;)
I was thinking this looks like a dangerous job. Especially when you might get hit by one of the Edwin's of this world, trying to drive and take a picture. :)
j'aime bien ton clichés...
yeah, and this scene is also very common in my country. I hope your father fells better, everybody have problems, but always we will find in a more difficult situation than ours.

I really like this pic, this is real life.
thank you, all.
and Edwin, I promise not to pull out a stunt like that :)
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