Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tsunami in Pangandaran

Nature had its way once again :( I did not feel the earthquake in Jakarta. My deepest condolences to the tsunami victims around Pangandaran area. I couldn't post any picture today as I'm currently taking care of my father who just came out of the hospital. But slesta will treat you with her wonderful picture :) thanks slesta!
Hope you stay safe. Get well soon to your dad :)
My heart goes out once again to all those affected by this disaster... Stay safe...
doa selamat kepada mereka yg. mengalami tragedi ini.
Best wishes to your father and come back soon.
Hope your father is on the road to recovery Santy.
HI Shanty, i am so sorry Java is hit again by nature.
Hope you and your family are all well and best wishes for your father.
Santy, hope you're well and please take care!
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