Monday, July 10, 2006

Toko Burung 1

Now, this is the bird stalls (toko burung). Located right after the fruit stalls, on the same side of Barito street.
Nice shot Santy...hope you can show us the birds :)
waaah... jadi kangen jl barito.
dulu waktu masih di jakarta sering lewat sini...

nothing change much.
Wow, those birds are that close to the traffic? My cockatiels would freak out!
I particularly enjoy photos that give us a peek into the culture.
Do you have a bird in your home San?
It looks like a long street full of interesting things. Those trees are huge, they must have been there for decades.
what a place to do some shopping!

ps. nice new lay-out!
I always get dizzy when i see cars driving on the left:S
Great series! I'd love to go there and do some shopping.
tanty: nope. I don't really like them being caged like that :)

jazzy: yes, they're quite old

kris: thanks! I'm still working on it. Edwin helped me out :)

nuno:'d get used to it, I'm sure :)

marie: I'd be pleased to show you around when you come visit someday :)

Thanks all!
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