Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Toko Bunga 1

Toko bunga (flower shops) along the Mahakam street in south Jakarta decorated their stalls to celebrate the anniversary.
Very colorful! Nice picture.
Very colorful Santy! I love the face with a green nose too!
Dear santy,
heard about 'the famous hospital' di Jakarta Selatan. mohon kamu gambarkan bila ada kesempatan ya...
nira: which hospital you mean? which area? please let me know so I could post the picture. and famous in what way?
What a cheerful photo.
kok sepi?
jam berapa ini?

i think what nira mean is RSPI?
Beautiful flowers and nice photo as well.
aaah...RSPI. ok, will try and picture it later :)
this is a good shot, shanty! i didn't even know they're having those decorations.
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