Thursday, July 13, 2006

Teeth Expert??

Yep, that's what the sign says...Ahli Gigi = Teeth Expert. These signs always crack me up! :) You'd find many 'Ahli Gigi' around Jakarta that will help mend your teeth. They're not certified doctors, but they won't pull out your teeth or anything like that. They just make affordable false teeth and simple braces. Leave the rest to your dentist!
huahaha, am i lost in translation? in certain areas in Malaysia they call it 'tukang gigi'!!!(my saudara serumpun over there may laugh now...)very informative dear,teruskan ya...
tukang gigi!!! LOL!

Ahli in Bahasa malaysia is Member. So, are you a Teeth Member?
you mean those gold bling teeth! LOL!!

"ahli " for Msian is "member" ..teeth member ! LOL

thanks , Santy! for cracking me up :D
er..just noticed i repeated what edwin had commented ;)
Nice post. Great blog, thanks!
Hahaha great post, huge advertisement.
Hmmm so many translations for one word! M confused now what it means!

But that smile looks great!
anne: yes, Indonesian and Malaysian language have similarities.
Interesting and curious.
Fabulous! I love learnign stuff like this - thanks.
Ya mean "GOLD MEMBER?"


Member Teeth?

Teeth on your MEMBER?


Sorry for the R-rated humor...couldn't resist...and you have to have pity for me, I do live with FIVE males and am just inundated with it...member humor that is!

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