Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pondok Indah Hospital

Thank you for all your concerns and wishes on the recent earthquake, tsunami and particularly for my father's health. His condition is gradually improving, although the chance to recover from liver cancer is very little, at least he's now home with us. This is Pondok Indah Hospital, where he stayed in. Rumah Sakit = Hospital. Look here for more pictures of the hospital.
Bagus ya hospitalnya dan sepertinya terawat sekali. Nice shot Santy! Greetings to your mum and dad.
Rgards to you and your father.
Take good care, Santy :)

*ps. this is a huge pondok !
Santy, good to hear from you again...hope for the best!
Good to hear that your father is home and resting. Cancer is a terrible thing. My father passed away from it (Lymph Node) but my mother survived and lives with me. It's tough on a family. My blessings to you and your family.

And yes, Kris is quite right...besarnya pondok ini!
Yes, my thoughts are with you and your father as well.
makasih ya for posting this picture...semoga papamu berehat dengan tenang.My late father menderita liver cancer juga.
thank you, all :)
I too am sorry to hear about your Dad're all in my thoughts and prayers...hope he's comfortable...

Take care,
hi, ame.
thanks for your thoughts.
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