Monday, July 03, 2006


Firstly, my apologies for the late announcement of Jakarta's Anniversary, which was on the 22nd of June. Life's been too crazy for me lately :( Jakarta is now 479 years old. What you see in the picture is Ondel-ondel, a giant puppet mascot from Betawi (local Jakartans) which is used on Betawi's marriage ceremonies or Jakarta's anniversary festivals. Every year we have the special event called Jakarta Fair, which has bazaar, traditional dance performances, Betawi's traditional food, fireworks, and other Jakarta related things.
Wah, ondel2nya sepertinya lagi marah neh! Nice shot!
I like the puppet, it's huge. Congratulations.
Wah Jakarta fair!! jadi inget waktu kecil harus selalu pergi.Liat orang pake kostum macem2 khususnya kostum chiki. Sekarang kayak apa yah jakarta fair? masih penuh gak?

Sorry yah kemarin aku budge in soal hero.
Happy (belated) birthday Jakarta!

I wish our town had a mascot :(
J: gak pa pa lagiii...malah seneng kok ada yang bantu jelasin :) iya, jakarta fair masih penuh.
As a puppeteer I find this shot interesting, but at the same time................ I think I'm scared!
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