Friday, July 07, 2006


This boy was fascinated by the tiny turtles (kura-kura). To keep up with all the Daily Photo experts out there, I've been playing around with layouts and picture size on this blog. Please bare with me, as things will change here and there a few times until I get it right. Edwin (KL Daily Photo), thanks for your help (I might ask you more questions!) :)
the boy himself looks like a kura-kura! ;)
I like the photo very much.
The size of the pictures and the whole new look is much better.
Hey Santy! I like this new look coz the picture size is bigger. Good shot!
Today I've seen a number of child-centered pictures. What a treat! His concentration is deightful to see.
Really sweet photo and what concentration.
Love the resize on the photos, so much better:)
thanks santy. the resize really makes your pictures stand out.
Cute! Both the boy and the turtles!
Cute little turtles! The new layout looks good Santy! Love the bigger pictures!
thanks, all! Will keep working on it :)
is that your son?
hihihi... :D
the kura-kura are cute! so as the boy's hair-cut :)
And I'm fasinated by the picture ;-p
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