Thursday, July 27, 2006

Keep Bargaining!

Not only at flea markets, but you can bargain here as well. This is ITC Fatmawati. Unlike the large fancy malls, this shopping area has very reasonable prices. You can also get a special price for buying things in bulk. This place has one floor full of people selling cellular phones.
Oh oh, I know this place very well. I used to work in the office area on the other side of the street. Thanks Santy for bringing back the memory :)
Hi Santy, a lot of shopping huh? The photos, today and last few days are very colorful and interesting.
Wow i'm loving all the shopping places you are showing! Atleast now when I get to visit Jakarta again i'd know where to shop :)
What are all those booths for? Parking?
Look! It's A&W! Let's go grab a root beer!
1 root beer float please!
I need a new cel hehehe. You know that your ancestors have too much in common with mine. Some peruvian population have small eyes. On version is that people from asia came to south america in ships.

Your city is the image of an industrial and progressist country. I would like my country follows that way.

Greetings from Per├║
All those flags and colors just draw people in, don't they. It looks like a place to go and have fun.
Wow, they have an A&W there?
.....hmmm colour of the car matches the building :-)
Your posts the last few days have been vibrant with colour!
mattias: yes, those booths are for getting your parking tickets. there's a person inside who will hand you the ticket when you come in and you need to pay them the parking charges on your way out.

to all: I'd be happy to take you all shopping in Jakarta :)

when the picture still loading, i just keep guessing where is that. Until i found that information about ITC Fatmawati... hihih...

can you zoom it into the lady with the pink clothes? hehehe... :D
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