Friday, July 28, 2006

Dishes and Laundry Racks

Most people use racks like these to dry their clothes and dishes. They come in various sizes and designs to fit small and large houses. We usually put them in our back yard or in an open attic for houses without a back yard. Dishwashers and sophisticated washing machines are considered a luxury as they still cost a fortune. Speaking of laundry, Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo posted an interesting picture on public laundry. I think it's a good facility. Wish we had the same thing here to avoid the unfortunate ones do their laundry in dirty rivers.
Lovely "slice of life" shot and description, santy.
Having a rack in the attic here in the summer would make the clothes dry really fast!
Santy, thanks for your visit, you've got some great pictures, I've enjoyed my visit...
It's still a sensible way to do things and doesn't cost the planet, or us, energy. Nice post.
It really makes more sense to wash things by hand and dry on racks.

That being said, you couldnt force me to give up me dishwasher.

I'm horrrable.
thanks, all. I agree, it is a good way to save energy :)
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