Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Burung Dalam Sangkar

This is for Anne (Manila DP) who on my previous post asked for the bird picture. Here you go, Anne ;) Burung dalam sangkar = Birds in a cage. There are quite a number of people in Jakarta who like to have birds as their pets. I personally love them fly free in the sky. I've been having so much fun with Daily Photo that only today I realized this was my 108th post! From my first post, I didn't think I'd make it this far :)
Hey!! Parrots! Are they parrots? Hehehe they look like parrots :) I love the red one but I think she is a bit shy...

Thanks Santy for the photo!
Hi Santy, I haven't been around for a while so I missed seeing your photos and new layout. Love the boy with turtles and the colorful fruit seller. I really like the new photo size and when I have some extra time I might try it too.
Awwwww, sweet burung...eating jagung! Wonder if it's manis...the corn that is! Great shot! :-)
Nice shot Santy.
Love the new picture size, does them so much more right!
dear Shanty, I also love them fly in the sky. please open their cages ;-) and please let them fly freely ;-). Poor birds. Is it same as the jail for us (people)? "smile"
congrats on your 108th post, hoping you continue for a long,long time!
I like your new layout too!
Beautiful birds, colours are stunning.
Congratulation Santy on your 108th post. I do enjoy your photos. Bring back the memory :)
Congratulations on your over 100th! ;)

yes, i'm with you on the burung dalam sangkar. Burung harusnya terbang FREE!
Hi Santy, good job and I like the street scene photos these few days.
Hi Santy, your pictures lately are gorgeous!!! What a nice introduction to Jakarta!
Hi from France
First visit here and a very nice time with you
I'll come back again and again

Have a nice day and happy 108th !!!
Happy 108! I'd let me birds out, but who would I have to talk to?
Thanks all, for the lovely comments!

zebigleb: you're welcome here anytime :)

juggerpix: don't tell me you're
THAT lonely! hehe...
Couldnt agree more about the birds. Let them fly. I've always dreamt having the ability to let them all fly away. But it will only means that they are free to be caught again. :(
Beautiful ringnecks! The red one I can't tell, might be a lory. These are both different kinds of parakeets.

Congratulations on your 100th thru 108th! I've really enjoyed this latest series of sellers by the road. :)
I hope they were bred locally, but I have a sinking feeling they are the product of the illegal (and immensely lucrative) bird trade from Australia!
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