Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ayam (Chicken)

There is still a tradition of chicken fight competition. We call it Adu Ayam or Sabung Ayam. It is considered a hobby and cultural event, although there are some people who use this tradition as gambling, and bet their money on the roosters.
dear shanty, why our people are still doing this? it is crazy, isn't? "smile". They arrange cock-fighting for just their hobby or gambling. If the cock can speak like us, they probably will bother our people .. he he. But, thank u so much for ur picture.
Is the chicken sick or just falling a sleep.
poor chicken...
if its only for cultural and not excessive i suppose its interesting :)
Has the chicken fallen asleep? Preparing for the fight =)
Belated congratulations on your 100th post! Your photos are lovely, and I enjoy visiting Jakarta through your lens. My neighbors here in Seattle raise chickens in their backyard (for eggs), but I'm not aware of a cockfighting tradition in this region. Glad this beautiful guy is taking a nap!
as much as i'm against cock-fighting, I'm glad this one is sleeping (or is he injured?)
Is it sleeping? Too bad that cockfighting still is so popular.
Hey we have that too! In Manila we call the chicken fight Sabong! Very similar to how you call it...Sabung Ayam, what does Ayam mean?

Here in Manila that is generally used as gambling fight, people bet on the chickens and whoever wins get the pot. They are usually held every sundays.

Will try to take a photo of that here so i can post too :)
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