Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another Flea Market

Ok, they were looking curiously at me and my camera :) Look, there's a tukang rujak on the right side just like the one posted by sLesTa.
Looks like a very colourful and interesting place to do some shopping. Thanks for following me to my new address. John
what a buisy street! beautiful photo.
very nice document of daily life!

the lady on the left look like Malaysian actress Ida Nerina (young version) , see here
Edwin should know her!
er..the link here
wow....a real view from indonesia??
hey..i'm from malaysia hehe
i can speak some java words
wow that is kewl - we have a flea market too but its not of the permanent variety - people do it on wednesdays and weekend!
I love these markets, not just the shopping but the smells, the crowding, the atmosphere!
I like all you colored pictures of the flea market. Really typical. And to answer your question, yes it feels good to be back home ;)
Wow, the Indonesian delicious Rojak again at the market.
What an interesting place to wander and look. I could spend a morning looking at all the things for sale. And I'd probably have a bag or two of things I'd bought tucked under my arm once I got home.
They don't look too excited to be caught on film! The market looks like a fascintating place.
I never find courage enough to take a picture like that. I stick to empty streets and landscapes. No one's looking at me there.
Hi Santy...

How's your father doing? Hope he's comfortable and that you don't have too much stress helping care for him...I know what that's parents are 90 and 84 and I'm back and forth from my place to my dad's retirement complex to my mom's nursing home and it can take a toll on your energy. Chin're doing a wonderful thing and I know your dad loves you for that!

Beautiful shot by the way...and that young lady on the left is very sweet looking, despite the look on her face! ;-)

Kris, that's what came into my mind, Ida Nerina!

great shot santy. look at the colours of the kain hanging and don't get me started on the rujak... ;)
I'm with Mattias on this one.

I don't have the ability to take pictures of others very often. However I enjoy the pictures of those who can, like you, and this shot!
Ida Nerina?...hehehe may be that was her.btw beutiful shot Santy dear.
kris: oh. my. god. she really does look a lot like her! funny, eh?

kala: yes, every day. isn't it wonderful? :)

mattias and juggerpix: thanks! I was a bit uneasy myself at the time. I kinda acted like a tourist from Bali or Jogja ;)

ame: he's hanging in there. me and my family keep praying for the best. thanks for your kind words! :)

thanks all for your wonderful comments!
try to scout for can be her agent!
Blok M?

*just guessing*
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