Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Water Fun

This is a great place to bring your kids. The front part is very shallow, while at the back they have swimming pool as well. It's called Alam Sutera Family Park and located in Tangerang, which is not that far from Jakarta. And you can get there faster by using the toll way.
Great park for kids. Is it free?
My daughters would love playing there. I'll visit this place when I'm coming to Indo on Dec. Thanks for the info San!
Nice repetition and colorful!
how wonderful! it's like the park I posted not too long ago. it's so nice for kids to be able to have water fun!

I hope you read my comment from 2 days ago on how to change the size of your photos.
nicola: it's 30 thousand rupiah per person.

tanty: yes, you should try it :)

kate: yes, I love the colors there.

edwin: I have read it, thanks! Just trying to find some time to actually get around to it :)
santy dear,
you have done a great job!!!.blog kamu sangat informative dan membuat saya sangat ingin untuk menelusuri sendiri semua tempat yang kamu paparkan.
Wow that looks like a very fun place! Kids would surely enjoy they have slides too?
na: terima kasih sekali :) it's been a pleasure doing this blog!

anne: you bet! it's the one where you can slide into the pool :)
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