Thursday, June 15, 2006

Telepon Umum

Telepon umum = Public Telephone. With cellphones spreading rapidly like a disease, I'm not quite sure if people still use these public phones. Many of them are broken, but for some reason no one bothers to fix or detach them from the walls.
I like this picture. Public telephones are certainly a thing of the past. I posted a picture of my flowers that look similar to the ones you posted on Tuesday.
Hi Anne, have you recieved the post card yet.
Very odd. This is the second photo post in a few days I saw about payphones and how they are going away. It is too bad they are going away, I still am fighting buying a cell phone.
Nice shot!
Seeing the disrepair or disappearance of these precious items is really making me mad. I feel like we are shooting ourselves in the foot by removing all these phones. Did it ever occur to the owners of these that some people do not have or want cellphones? From the way I spit and fume you can tell my opinion of cellphones. ;-)
hi! You can still see some of them out here, but only a few remains. I havent seen a person using it in a long time. Japan is even developing kiddie celphones that are supposed to be a protection to for would be molesters,kidnappers. They put gps on it and boozer alarm that will relay a signal to the parents or police.
We also have easy to use simple phones for the senior people too.
I lost my cell phone a few months ago and had to use payphones while I was travelling - glad there are still some around!
Thanks for the comments, guys!
Yes, I agree that some public phones need to be available for various reasons. In my country, people are beginning to make kiosks for phones, internet, faxing, etc as a one stop place for telecommunication needs. I shall take a picture of it one day :)
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