Monday, June 12, 2006

Star Shaped Warung

Here's one of our warung (small kiosk). Unfortunately it was closed when I took a picture of it. This one has a shape of Star Mild, a local cigarette brand. There are other interesting shapes taken from famous cigarettes brand, because this type of warung mostly sells cigarettes.
Do a lot of people smoke in Indonesia?
In Tuzla nearly everybody smokes, it's a must and cigarettes are very cheap, sometimes I wish I smoke too because of the smell.
nerissa: yes, even though there are many non smoking areas, we still provide a smoking section.

jazzy tuzla: no, no, better not start! we still need you in DP blogs :) stay healthy!
Our govt. has lots of rules about smoking- like no advertising- so these kiosks wouldn't be allowed.They are even currently talking about banning it altogether (making it illegal to smoke cigarettes). Does your govt do anything to discourage smoking
louise: many places like malls, restaurants, schools and office buildings are now non smoking areas. But still, the government doesn't charge a fine or anything, so I guess it's still optional for some people. And they're not banning it yet.
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