Friday, June 02, 2006

Snacks - Lemper and Risoles

Mmh...these are our snacks! Lemper (left), Risoles (right), and green chilly we call 'cabe rawit'. Lemper is a steamed sticky rice with shredded chicken meat inside and covered with banana leaves. Risoles is a mix of flour, butter and eggs which can be stuffed with chicken ragout or vegetables, covered with bread crumbs and deeply fried in oil. I love to eat them with a bite of crunchy 'cabe rawit'. Very spicy!
You, are like me eating out too much.
no.78: haha...well, then we have one thing in common. I love to eat! :) and with so many different cultures in my country, I myself can't keep up with all the different food.
I'd like to try them,especiallt the lemper.
mmm...making me hungry !
food pix! I like Lemper, though I never knew what it is called ;-)
Thank you for the welcome note.
Nice snacks, especially those chillies.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmh !!!
Bon we
Bisous doux de Bruxelles
Looks outstanding!
Mmmmh, make me hungry, though i've just finished my dinner ;P
Gosh, they look tasty.
Hey, my hubby wants to know if you like lumpia Semarang? I LOVE lemper and risoles and rendang and satay ayam and nasi kuning, and semur, and gado-gado and emping manis and krupruk and boiled peanuts, LOL! I could go on forever...thank goodness my MIL is a great cook! And she only lives 15 minutes away! ;-) Ame~
Thanks for the comments, guys! I know food pictures always make us hungry, eh?

Ame: yes, I love lumpia semarang as well :) you're lucky!
Yummy !
Hi Santy, i am not very adventerous with food but these look and sound YUMMY!!
Wow this looks yummy!!
Oh, that looks wonderful!!!
The banana leaf wrappings are gorgeous!
I would kike to taste one!
hore... i like both of them... :D
specially with "sambel kacang"
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