Monday, June 19, 2006

Sate Ayam

Sate Ayam = Chicken Satay, is another one of my favorite food! I know the smoke coming out of the grill can be unpleasant, but this is the best chicken satay in Pondok Indah, an area in south Jakarta.
I love this kind of food stalls. Wonder why unhygienic looking, easy to go foods are the most delicious?!
aku lebih suka sate kambing...
soalnya, sate ayam itu kecil-kecil...
i agree with midnite, love road-side hawkers such as this :) Satays are delish but my fave. is the dipping sauce, yum!
I just love Satay and with peanut sauce unbelievable!!This has to be one of my favourite foods:)
Don't forget it’s the Saint Maxime DP funny caption competition tomorrow.
I love Satay! I wish I could get some around here! Whenever I try to make it, it's just not as good. With all the smoke in the picture I can almost smell it from here!
Haha, agree with midnitebara; the greasier the better. It's a pity they don't sell sate in these stalls overhere.
Hmmm, I love chicken satay. Over here they are usually served with peanut sauce. Is that how you have it as well?
I miss eating satay in jakarta!!! They are so yummy. I always eat them with LONTONG!! I guess you can't really make it to taste the same as the ones in Jakarta, because you need all the extra added taste. I love the satay in a street in menteng, I can't remember the name of the street though.
street food is the best. it has that extra added flavor.
i agree. this is the best chicken satay i've tried. i had them since they were only selling off a small kiosk.. now they actually have a permanent place. neng slesta balik lagi. pa kabar neng geulis? masih tertarik ikutan kasih liat foto jkt gak? gue belom sempet hubungin elo nih. email aja atuh ya...sdjuanda di gmail dot kom gituh :) ditunggu ya neng...
Oooh sate! Yummy! Missing them aren't you Kris? ;)
Hehehe..!! bukan mengobati malah menambah kangen ke jakarta..hiks!!
anyway love the pictures
jadi lapar, nih
i love your blogg :)
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