Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Alarm Clock

This is the top of a small mosque. The speaker faced directly to my house and contributes a great deal in waking me up at 4:30 am every morning. Moslems' first pray time of the day starts just before dawn at the sound of Azaan. Non moslems will probably feel uncomfortable staying at my place, because this speaker is really loud. It's loud five times a day and the whole morning during weekends.
4:30 am! that would drive me crazy...
I sincerely hope you don't mind the wake up calls that much?!?!
it didnt bother me when my home in Msia is nearby a mosque just acorss the road! we got use to it .
It's no prob if u don't mind for non moslem....we have to be pleasure in plural culture....especially in race community.
I lived for a period just next by a mosque in North Africa, and I heard muezzin singing 5 times a day but has never been a problem, u have to been open to other cultures when u are not at your home (but if I have to be honest I don't know which country can be really named home for me)
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