Thursday, June 01, 2006

DP Theme: Parking Charges

Our parking charges are different everywhere. I'm not really sure how they categorize it. In large buildings and malls we have this secure parking you see on the picture, while the small areas have 'tukang parkir' which is a couple of guys who will help you park your car with a charge of 500 to 1000 rupiahs per car, not based on hours. Some of tukang parkir work on their own and not under any company. Just behind that sign is a booth where a parking officer will hand us our ticket. Some places require you to get the ticket at the entrance and pay later when you return the ticket at the exit booth. And some places work the other way around. It's just different procedures everywhere. But then again, you'll get used to it :) Oh, and don't lose the ticket, otherwise you'll get a fine! Please visit other Daily Photo blogs on the right side of this page to see parking charges in their cities. ($US 1.00 = +/- Rp 9,000,-)
What is the difference between Mobil and Motor. Is Mobil the scooter and Motor a car?
nicola: mobil is a car, motor is a motorcyle
The rates seem very reasonable. Less than we pay here. Given the size of Jakarta I expect very high rates to park.
Kacau tuh tukang parkir Istora Senayan / JHCC. Di tagih uang parkir 2 kali. Yang pertama yang resmi itu ambil tiket di pintu masuk dan bayar di pintu keluar. Nah yang tidak resmi, begitu mobil parkir di lahan yang ada, langsung deh tukang parkir sialan itu mendatangi anda dan bilang, "Langsung bayar disini pak!", dan tentu saja tanpa tiket. Besarnya antara Rp 2000-4000 tergantung seberapa besar event yang ada disitu, dan kayaknya hal itu sudah berlangsung lama. Kalau niat nyumbang dengan cara begitu mah gue kagak ikhlas, najis banget.

Mana nih pemerintah daerah? Masak kagak di tindak para kecoa begituan? Bikin jelek nama Jakarta tuh padahal yang datang ke JHCC dan Senayan khan gak cuma orang Jakarta aja, tapi juga orang luar Jakarta, bahkan orang asing juga. Malu maluin aja
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