Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This is a board used for traditional Indonesian game called Congklak. We use sea shells to play it. Unfortunately there were no shells on that board when I took the picture. I used to play this a lot when I was a kid. And still enjoying it today :)
that game sounds complicated!! thanks for your lovely comments on my new look.
I love to learn new games in a new environment! Thanks for showing us.
They play the same game with the same board in West Africa. Can't remember the name they call it over there. Their game boards are carved from wood, and they use seeds as big as marbles as their game pieces.
Very interesting.
Shanty you make wonderful photo of your merveilleus country
I think we have the same game back home. Called " sungka ".
In africa, that game is called "Awalé"

Game an laughs are universal, and by the way, Art and Photoblogging too :-)
I love that board! We've always called it Mancala, but it seems to be the same game. We use polished rocks and I love both the feel and sound of the rocks. We have a wooden board.. I'll have to shoot it sometime
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