Friday, June 23, 2006


In the morning, these carts are filled with fresh bread. They sell the bread door to door. There are different types of bakeries that use carts like these, and they have different sounds coming out of their small speaker. So, if you hear your favorite bread pass by, just run out to the front porch and call the 'tukang roti' (the bread seller). A friend of mine, Slesta, will be joining Jakarta Daily Photo soon and going to occassionaly post her fabulous shots of Jakarta. Thanks, Slesta!
This is a very civilized practice. Wish we had it in my neighborhood. Love the shot; says a good deal about the culture. Thanks!
Wish we had something like that here!

Welcome, Slesta!
eh eh, comel bangat!
so convenient! yes, cute too;)
This is so cool, wish we had that here:)
Sounds like an ice cream cart here in the US ... Slesta I am looking forward to your photos.
We have something similar here, but they don't carry carts. Every morning, bread vendors walk around the neigborhood selling pandesal - a favorite bread eaten usually during breakfast. But they sell only in the morning, so if you want bread later on the day, you have to buy them yourselves at your local bakeries :(
What a great idea, wish we had something similar over here. I dread it to stop at the supermarket every day after work to get fresh bread and milk. A big dairy used to deliver milk daily to your home years ago but stopped it many years ago
thanks for the welcome greeting. i'll get on it ... can't wait to show you "my version" of jakarta.. :)
i love bread here in usa we eat with every meal what i saw country is very pretty i live in a small town in arkansas usa
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