Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Warung

Here's another look at our warung rokok (cigarette kiosk).
I see that Coke and Pepsi are battling it out everywhere in the world! I love ice cream too, my favorite from Baskin Robbins is pistacio nut, what did you have?
nice photo
this is where I drank countless bottles of Teh Botol.... Beverage king in Indonesia ;)
Gudang Garam for me please!
I used to buy 'kerupuk' in this kind of warung :)
Just as a matter of interest how much do they sell a packet of Rothmans for? Here they sell for 4Euros80cents!!!!
Tomorrow is the Sainte Maxime DP funny caption competition day. Its going to be a good one:)
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hey santy,

that's where I got help for changing the size of pictures. thanks to Nicholas and Kala.
mark, in jkt Marlboro only cost 1 euro a packet. Rothman is not really widely known in Indonesia but I believe --if you can find it-- the price's around the same as Marlboro.
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