Thursday, May 04, 2006

Terminal Blok M - Bus Lanes

This was where the busses from my previous post go. They came into their lanes according to their bus numbers.
Nice pix there Santy!

Check out my site for more pictures of Jakarta just click on the Indonesian flag lah!
jakarta guru: hats off to you, mate! cool shots you got there as well! Thanks for visiting JakartaDailyPhoto :)
nice city shot!
Ya gambarnya jelas.
Hi Santy, love your blog very much.. bring me back closer to home :)
Love your pictures. After seeing your pictures of the traffic jams, I would definitely rather take the bus!
wati: thanks ya, mbak! ikut seneng bisa ngobatin rindu kampung halaman. sering2 mampir ya :)

carol: yep, you got that right!

thanks for the comments, all!
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