Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Terminal Blok M - Bus Arrivals

Busses from all over Jakarta districts came to Terminal Blok M. I know it's not the cleanest place in the world, but here is where local people come and go. The red bus is called 'Metromini', and the green one is called 'Kopaja', the bigger bus not shown here is called 'Patas' or 'Patas AC' if it's air conditioned. The exclusive 'TransJakarta' busses also start from here. I say exclusive because it has soft seats, air-conditioned, very clean, the door is always closed, slightly more expensive but convenient because of its own lane so it will never face the horrible traffic! But it has limited destinations. More shots in this terminal tomorrow.
I can see you in the picture :)
grainofsand: haha! you spotted me!
Love the shadows in the picture. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Not everybody likes the public transportation i Cph., but I think it's all right - and I love the idea of living in a city - and not having to own a car.
tansport hub such as this is hard to maintain clean..the scene is about the same over here :)
our transport areas is also not clean at all! Nice "self portrait" (shadow);-)
It looks like a busy bus station!
Love the people hurrying to and fro!
Our bus terminal looks something like this!
That looks like your shadow!
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