Friday, May 19, 2006

Tenun Ikat

This Ibu is making a traditional Indonesian fabric known as tenun ikat. There are several patterns of ikat which vary from one island to another. Someone who really understand textile will be able to tell the difference between ikats from the islands of Bali, Lombok and other places in Indonesia.
I have seen such ones too. The outcome is so beautiful.
This is so cool, so skilled. Loved your bridge photo too, I could see myself sliding down that ramp.
she is working on a beautiful piece. i admire their patience and skill works :)
I've seen these fabrics before, but never how they were made.
Sorry to hear about your dad Santy!
I'll post a picture of the finished material tomorrow.

dutchie: thanks, my prayers are with him :)
Look forward to seeing the finished fabric but I just want to say that it looks like a very uncomfortable work position
thats pretty kewl - we have our own style of fabric as well - its amazing how traditional fabric making has survived the ages. This is definitely worth every cent for all the hard work gone into it. I admire these people who patiently work through the completion of the fabric.
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