Tuesday, May 16, 2006


What's better than a slice of serabi in the early morning? You must have dozens of different answers for that question, right? Well, serabi is our traditional Indonesian dessert which is quite similar to pancake. We could certainly fix some in our own kitchen, but sometimes they taste better when cooked in a traditional way like what this ibu was doing. And like Edwin from Kuala Lumpur DP, we do eat serabi or pancakes for breakfast. Right, Ed? :) Oh, in case some of you are wondering, the thing on the right side is part of a becak.
right santy i have been to KL last summer and enjoy eating serabi
thay are yummy
traditional cooking anytime.
I would like to try serabi. Our family sometimes have pancakes for breakfast on Sundays as a treat.
love to try it,too.
serabi...I like the sound of the name.
Pancakes in the morning, what could be better -- there are crepes waggons at the street fairs here sometimes, and I remember having a really good one in Paris...this lady looks like a real expert.
cool shot San!! I love traditional serabi, not the one with chocolat or other toppings like the modernized serabi... :)
hmmmm more street food..! just saw Lisi's street snacks, and now your pancakes! I'm really hungry now. In this time of the year I can't get any good street food in Lisbon.. Maybe in June.. :)
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