Monday, May 15, 2006

Persija Fans

These fearless kids were on their way to see one of Indonesia's soccer teams and Jakarta's most popular, Persija (Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Jakarta). 'Sepak Bola' = Soccer. I understand their excitements, but still feel that they shouldn't be on top of cars like that. Accidents have happened, and yet the habit of going to the stadium like this still remains.
yes, it might be dangerous. they are spilling out of the vehicle.
Hmm I didn't know soccer is famous in Indonesia...
wow, that's definitely dangerous, where are the parents?
yikes! very dangerous! cant they get a truck, instead? at least it has got a barrier!

ps. in Bahasa Msia we say "Bola sepak" ;D
Very dangerous. But I like all of the orange shirts. It makes for a neat looking photo.
oh no dangerous!
anne: yes, soccer is very famous in Indonesia

lisi: their parents might not know what these kids were up to.

fotoaddict: bola sepak? haha...that's funny kris! just the other way around, eh? the beauty of languages :)

natalie: yes, I kinda like the orange color too in this picture!

dohadaily: I know, makes me nervous looking at them!
Haha, here you can really see cultural differences.
This could never ever happen here.
Nice picture!
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