Thursday, May 11, 2006

Macet Lagi!

I know traffic jam is the most boring topic. And I'm facing it every morning. Usually it's not as bad, but this morning was unbelievable and I had to take a picture of it! Btw, the lines came from the car's back window and the ones hanging are electricity cables. For some reason, we never have those cables neatly installed. Always hanging from one place to another. I'll continue my downtown pics tomorrow.
kayaknya di Bintaro nih San?...
wati: hehe...aku emang orang bintaro, mbak :)
This is the first time i realize you drive on the left!
Disini gak pernah macet San, mo tukeran ? :-)
right on Dutchie, didn't know that as well...Santy, do you drive, or are you in the backseat? I was in the most terrible traffic jam in Bangkok, maybe something like Bangkok and KL's skytrain will help Jakarta...
lisi: I was in the back seat. I'm lucky coz I work in a place which provides transportation for their staffs to and from work :) a van that can fit 7 people.
hehe..its kind of cool the lines from the window and cables :D
Can't imagine my day stuck in traffic. The irritation carries along.
If I told you how long it takes me to get to work you would curse me.So I'll just say "nice photo" and good luck tomorrow.
thanks for the comments!
It does take some getting used to :)
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