Monday, May 08, 2006

Horse Statue

Well, you'll have to excuse my lack of photography knowledge here. I was trying to show the horse statue with the building as backgrounds, but now it seems that you can't really see the statue and that building on the right side is somewhat tilted as if it was struggling to look like the famous Pisa tower! Anyway, feel free to click the picture for a closer look of the statue :) Btw, this is located just across the National Monument I showed you in my previous post.
thats such an awesome sculpture!!! wow
And i think i turned out nice Santy! It looks a bit like the big towers want to protect the statue!
viewed the larger version and it's amazing!lots of details !
Hi Santy, I think I was there once, many years ago...the first and only time I was in Jarkarta :-)
nicholas: I know, somebody spent a lot of time creating that!

dutchie: hehe...thanks! very kind of you :)

fotoaddict: yes, Kris. I should've taken the picture closer to show the details.

lisi: well, you should do a second visit sometime :)
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