Monday, May 01, 2006

Holland Theme?

Am I the only one that hasn't posted a theme picture yet? Sorry for the late posting. Anyway, don't know if people in the Netherlands named their bakery 'Holland Bakery'. I know for sure there is no 'Jakarta Bakery' :) but the windmill can be spotted in several places here as well. Btw, nice Jakarta theme in HK Daily!
I really like you're choice of photo subjects. Really fascinating to me and nice photos.
Yup, good choice for the theme :) I'Ve not posted any as well @_@.
Nice find! Did you get a bread there?
i missed the theme too! we also have a few windmills in bloemfontein
Thanks Santy! And you're right, we don't have a Holland bakery (yet)
One of these days i'll have a link back to you too coz thanks to last Sundays theme, i have about 10 other DP cities to link too :)
Love the connection--great catch.
Thanks for the comments guys!

Don't know if you noticed, but I cut the door part of the bakery.
Why? Because there was a warung mie ayam right beside it! That was definitely NOT Holland :)
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