Monday, May 22, 2006


These guys were very nice and they welcomed me when I asked if I could have their picture taken. I always love these wonderful people. They even posed for me! They're selling little fishes in the market for your aquarium. I think I'd buy one for my daughter next time :)
interesting blog. the pictures speak for them.
that's a good shot, esp with that guy smiling and looking into the camera...very good!
I like their smiles :)) hmmm..which fish is easiest to take care of ?
It would be difficult to me to resist buying one fish.. They look very pretty..!
nice. Look at the way the fish are held up. I would buy one too.
Oh I have a big aquarium at home and buys fish from similar vendors! Great catch!
thanks for the comments, guys!
I see that you all love fish :)
And yes, I was very lucky to caught their happy expressions!
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