Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Downtown - Hotel Indonesia

Here I just want to show Hotel Indonesia (right) and the waving statue (left) across it. Hotel Indonesia was the very first hotel built in Jakarta during the era of our first president, Soekarno. They are currently working on some refinements to the building, although the basic architechture is not allowed to be changed for the sake of its history. If you look closely, you'll see a poster pasted on the hotel. That's a picture of how the building will look like after the reconstruction. Two high towers will be added and the hotel name will be changed into Grand Indonesia. I don't know much about the statue, though. It's just interesting to see them waving like that. Hi, welcome to Jakarta! Oh, and there's our policeman with his mask and helmet again :)
Your photo blog reminds me of my jakarta visit. Lively & unique country u have. Good work.
its nice to know that they are not entirely changing the hotel's look. Historical buildings are interesting!
harish: thanks! I see that you've done your homework on Indonesia :)

midnitebara: I agree.
I wonder how Indonesian government can't find a national hotel management company, with so many five-star hotels and resorts popping up in Bali and the rest of the country. Now they ask for Kempinski? Come on.
With all these renovations isn't it about time the Jack and Jill statue was turned around?
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