Friday, May 12, 2006

Downtown - Entertainment X'nter

This blue-red-yellow building is called EX (Entertainment X'nter or we call it just e'X) in Thamrin - Central Jakarta. It's where Jakarta's Hard Rock Cafe located. Mostly young people hang out in this mall. They usually watch movies in its exclusive theater, have some coffee in various cafes to choose from (including the regular Starbucks, of course), or get a fancy haircut in Toni&Guy salon. Oh and there's a popular fitness center called Celebrity Fitness which I think is kind of awkward because of its open space, so that people who walk around in the mall can see you do your thing on the treadmill! It's more like showing off instead of really working out. Anyway, once you get inside you can really feel the young generation vibe with the music and the type of shops they have. Sometimes they have live music as well. Feel free to check out their website to see what's in store.
Saya ingat tempat ini walau saya dari Malaysia.
Urk... malls. Never liked them because their air-conditioning gives me a headache after a while.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry that there is a Starbucks in Jakarta. You seem surprised that there are fitness centres open to public viewing. It's a new thing there? Rather old hat in my part of the world. I don't favour the idea myself. I find it horribly egoistic. There were several in the Vancouver area where I grew up.

izam: thanks for visiting again :)

nerissa: I assumed Vancouver doesn't have a very hot weather outside. Unhealthy as it might be, we find air conditioning quite comfortable sometimes. I enjoy coffee...from Starbucks or other places. As for the fitness center, no it's not new. I meant to say that I don't like the idea.
Funny, for the fitness center we have a saying "see and be seen"... :)
nicola: I suppose so. Well, it's one's choice of a meeting place, right?
Nice colors, very inviting.
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