Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Everyone has its time. My father has been suffering from hepathitis C for over fifteen years and just recently been told that his illness has developed into liver cancer. Thankfully, he's still together with us up until now under continuous medication. A relative of mine just had a memorial service due to her father's death of a sudden heart attack. Neither years of illness nor a split second strike is better. We'd still never know when our time will come.

Jakarta has various types of cemeteries for people with different religions such as Christian, Hindu or Budha. This is the Moslem unit. I'll post pictures of the other ones later.

Interesting post...I'm sure your dad will still be with you for a long time :) Smile!
I lost my father when I was only 21. Enjoy the time you have together, as Anne said it could be a very time.
sad to hear that Santy, hope he's going to get better... my father died 6 yrs ago :(
Santy, hope your father will get well. My mom overheard me mentioning taking photographs in cemetery and she absolutely protested the idea. She's the more traditional one in the family...
I remember the Muslim tombstones are diff., this is to me very modern :)

Anne and Mark are right,you'll never know when the time will come. I lost my dad at about the same age as Mark ..
Appreciate all your thoughts and comments. Yes, I'm going to enjoy the times I have with him and try to make him happy.

Thanks, all!
I'm very sorry to hear that! My dad is dealing with cancer right now as well. We're still hoping for the best...
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