Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Like Safeway in the United States, we have this big store which claimed to be a french company. I haven't been to Europe before. So, is there a Carrefour in Europe?
yes there is... :)
it's popular in M'sia..over here we're invaded by Tescos :)
yes carrefour is indeed a french company. it's expanding everywhere in europe now.
Yes, Carrefour is in France. There is a big one near Fourmies. I shall photograph it for you.
I drove past a Carrefour store every day on my way to work when I lived in Málaga, so yes, we have them in Europe too. Don't think you'll find one in Norway though...
Yes, I've been to Carrefour in France and we also have them here in Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain.
no Carrefour in HK but they are big in China as well....
This is the first I've heard of Carrefour. I'm wondering if any Trader Joe's stores have opened outside the USA? They started in southern California in the 1970s and have expanded nationally, I think.
-Kim in Seattle, WA, USA
PS. I continue to think of those affected by the earthquake. Many medical workers (a doctor friend of mine among them) left the west coast of the US earlier this week to lend a hand in affected areas.
Every where you go in France you will come across a Carrefour.They do really good deals on PC's.
No Carrefour in Germany, as far as I know...
Yes, a lot of Carrefour in France, of course. I saw a big one in Singapure.
Never seen a Trader's Joe outside of US, but a Whole foods (californian too) in Bristol UK
I've been to 10 countries in europe, including 2 years stay on The Netherlands and 1 year on Italy, but only find Carefour in France.

Btw, do you know that carefour is French for "simpang empat"?
lots of them in portugal, it's a very popular supermarket here
I am bit late on this one but yes Carrefour is big in France. From the English part of their website they seem to be set on expanding into quite a few countries in the world.
Yes we have Carrefour in Italy and now is expanding also in North Africa..I've recently seen a Carrefour in Tunisia :-)
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