Friday, May 26, 2006

Buy Some Drinks

I came across this man with his cart filled with drinks for people to buy and quench their thirst on a hot day. When I got home, I wished I had asked about his age. I'm pretty sure he's younger than he looks. If you visited this blog yesterday and found no Thursday post, my apologies. I posted it today. Better late than no picture at all :)
such carts sure come in handy ! Nice shot :)
Coca-Cola is everywhere!
Postngannya bagus mbak. kebetulan saya lahir dan besar di jakarta juga. tp skrg di Delft, belanda. Saya punya blog foto ttg delft juga, gimana cara gabung di link blog kota2 ini mbak? thanks sebelumnya
tomi: haloo...salam dari Jakarta. coba kunjungi Paris (France) DailyPhoto di link sebelah kanan blog ini dan hubungi Eric Tenin untuk bisa bergabung :) cheers!
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