Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wet Leaves

Ok, so it's not as spectacular as Daejeon's wet leaves! But it was raining last night and I've been meaning to take a picture of water there you go :) (This was taken after several attempts! Haha...I think I should get a photography lesson!)
No, it's all good! Keep it up!
Nice shot! I love the rain and I am the rain. What type of weather are you ?
Hi Santy...I just got back after a week away and am catching up with your blog...hey, I like Gado-gado and for the Pak Polisi shot, I thought I saw my name in the title :-)
Nice picture - you're doing great!
It looks very refreshing - the green of the leaves with the water drops on them!
That's a nice shot - I love the very dark background and the bright green of the leaves!
You could almost reach out and feel the water drops.
hehe..its a good shot !!! Am still trying , but my hands keep shaking :S
Phew! Am I glad to read these wonderful comments!! Thanks guys :) I'll keep working on it...
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