Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday at Cilandak Town Square

It's Women's Day on Wednesdays at Cilandak Town Square (people call it Citos), one of Jakarta's popular place to hang out in the South district. The lady on the mirror was trying to find the right thing for her. And it sure was hard to choose! There were so many girlie stuff being sold here. Every Wednesdays in Citos there is a bazaar especially for women. And women get special discounts as well at the cafes and restaurants. The ladies come to check out the clothes, bags, shoes, earrings, necklaces, etc. And...the guys come to check out the ladies...haha! They also sell our traditional batik. Come and see what's in store.
I'll put Citos in my schedule next time I come to Jakarta. Nice photos San, very informative.
I'll keep this place in mind ..Nice shot ! love what the mannequin is wearing :)
Dear Santy
I'm happy to ear about woman day in Jakarta . We have the same in Italy on 8 of march
You're spying,hahahah!
Nice photo, I dont think we have women's day here in Japan, I will ask.
Nice shot, Santy!
Sounds like a lot of fun. I wish they had a discount day like that for us here...
Once a year in Richmond, we have the Southern Women's Show, rather similar.
Intersting pictures - something a bit different and more relevant than most the news comentary we get here - thanks
Thanks, all!

Ladies, you know when the best time to stop by Citos when you're in Jakarta :)
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