Monday, April 03, 2006

Vermak Levi's

Indonesia had been under the Dutch influence for 350 years. Many of the older generation speak Dutch. Some of the Dutch language are still used and sometimes combined with the Indonesian language. It's quite interesting in this particular picture though, where the local tailor use the word 'Vermak' which means 'to fix' (I would have to ask Dutchie or anyone who understands Dutch, is that correct?) and the word 'Levi's' which of course means the popular American jeans brand. The point they're trying to make is that they can fix your jeans :)
The impact of cultures on one another is interesting. For example many words in the English language are in fact French words.
Very interesting blog San. I love it. I miss Jakarta more.
It's always interesting to see that mix of cultures together... and see what you get in the end...
hei, just visiting your site, interesting blog.
yup, this is intereseting information.
definitely clever advertising !!
It's almost correct Santy. We would say Vermaak.
In fact we have several indonesian expressions/words too.
Thanks for the link, i am absolutely "senang" :)
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