Friday, April 28, 2006

Pengamen 2

Another pengamen. When I looked at him, I thought that he was old enough and fit enough to get a job. Jakarta has tons of places that would need his help. If he didn't have an education then he could probably find a physical work. So unlike the other pengamen on my previous post, this time I didn't bother to give money. Maybe it's not as easy as I thought, but I always believe the old saying 'when there's a will, there's a way'. Though I must admit, very creative of him to carry around that small drums and cymbals!
gue dapet link blog ini dari alaya. i thought this was cool.. then i saw who's behind it.. ternyata, santy!!! heheh.. how are you girl?
slesta: hi, girl! I'm doing great, thanks to DailyPhoto blog! Jadi maluuuuu....duh, an excellent photographer like you visiting this blog! maap kalo foto2nya kurang bagus ya, namanya juga amatiran :) thanks for coming!

to my dailyphoto family: slesta's a friend of mine. she's a great photographer and I think she should've been the one showing you pictures of Jakarta. but hey, for guys are stuck with me :) hehe...
It is frustrating to see people who can work, but they dont want to. But at least they are still creative. In our land, those who dont work, turn to crime to survive.
Selamat Malam Santy!

Amy from Santa Clara, CA...I just read your comment on my blog...thanks, yours is my first official comment! :-)

Oh, just had to tell you that my husband is from Bandung; small world isn't it? He came to the States (via Singapore for several years) in 1979 and we've been married now for 20 years! Needless to say, I've picked up a lot of Indonesian.

Love your pix...maybe someday I'll brave the airways and visit!
How does the music sound? Does he have any talent or is he just banging away? - just curious :)
That's sad about those children. Many of the children in the USA don't appreciate the education and opportunities they are given. I really like all your pictures!
amy: a small world indeed! say hi to your husband. Is he originally from Bandung? Coz I'm a Sundanese as well. Hehe...well, let me know when you guys are in town :)

parisathenes: The music sounded fine, good rythm and all. I think he actually has a talent.

thanks all for the comments!
Santy ~ My husband's from Bandung but he's Chinese...and we had a big dinner party for his BD last nite...and ate rujak salada (with spicy peanut sauce!) and rawon (sp?) and krupuk and satay (ayam, kambing, udang)and lontong! ;-) His Dad is from Semarang and Aunt & Uncle from Surabaya...wonder what that lady's gado-gado tasted like? I'm getting hungry!

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