Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pengamen 1

I was in a bus when suddenly this girl hopped in with her small guitar and started singing. She is what we call a 'pengamen'. She's one of the many street kids in Jakarta who can not afford school, wandering around day and night trying to get some cash by singing and playing an instrument. The younger kids who don't know how to play a guitar usually just clapping away and asking for money. There are still many unfortunate children like these in the streets of Jakarta. A friend of mine is a social worker who owns a home for these kids, a shelter. She tried to help them go to school, but most of them just run back to the streets. It's sad. These views I see here everyday, always make me feel grateful for what I have. I have another pengamen picture which I will post tomorrow.
Oh cute people give her money?
anne: yes, some did and some just ignored her.
Do they live on the streets? with family?
today I've posted a girl eating cotton candy. Life is so unfair sometimes.
louise: those without families mostly live on the streets, sleep under the bridge or on the sidewalks. some with families would live in very small and poor conditioned homes.

Kris: I know. So unfair...
true...and this is all over the world in big and small cities. There was this news story in HK a couple of years ago about some kids who have never been to MacDonald's (considered a norm among kids) that quite shocked me...
Im really enjoying your blog as the photos are great and your education about Jakarta is fascinating.
wow that was a very powerful story.
I am much more appreciative having read that. No more complaining about no surf!
Tell me why do they run back to the street?
sad reality!
thank you all for the comments! Really appreciate it :)

lorethian: these kids learn the hard way, and they sometimes don't understand or even realize the benefit of education. If they can earn money by just singing or clapping on the streets and asking for people's sympathies, then why bother sitting in a classroom everyday? And they also used to be free to do whatever they like whenever they please, whereas school has discipline, regularity and responsibility to maintain. All these things about school are becoming a burden to them. And I think that's why some of them run back to the streets.
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