Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pak Polisi

This is how our policemen look like on the streets of Jakarta. They wear masks to protect themselves from the horrible air pollution caused mainly by dark thick smoke which comes from busses and trucks. People on motorcycles, bicycles, and those who sweep the streets for a living also wear masks. Not the pedestrians though. I know...it would be absolutely awkward to see people on the street walking around with masks! It's frustrating sometime...but I've been breathing here all my life that I tend to just enjoy the nice people around, the trees and the warm weather. Or I could hide in one of our cozy air conditioned malls! :)
Are there any moves to try to curb the pollution?
markandrew: our government required all cars to go through an emission inspection. But so far, it's not going very well. Maybe because there is no fine, I'm not sure. Everyday I still see cars that should not be on the road. So, the moves are not serious enough in my opinion.
yeah. I think the idea of fines is a good one. Seems to work here. I've enev seen cars pulled over and ticketed because they were spewing grey and black fumes. Well, I saw it happen once:)
We have an anti-smoke belching law here in Manila, but it's not working very well, busses still spew black fumes...
You will see many people wearing masks here too but not because of pullution. Its because of allergies to pollen. Especially from the cedar trees from the mountains . Spring can be hell to lots of people!
He looks very serious!
Love the trees and greenery everywhere.
Doesn't seem to be a busy place!
He does look like he means business. Why is he wearing a helmet?

I was wondering the same as lorethian - why the helmet? Did he just get off a motorcycle?
dutchie: yes, I took this while the cars were on the red light. They're there...but just not in my camera frame...hehe.

lorethian and nicola: yes, he just got off his bike and not bothering to open his helmet. For what reason? I don't know.
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